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We build IT solutions to meet your business needs. Each solution is customised to your specific business needs.

Lets have a chat about what your issues are or where your business could become more efficient and productive with the help of IT.

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Remote Computer Management

Let us manage your day to day computer needs through our remote Service Desk.

Our remote operators provide IT support to your business just as if they were sitting in your own building.

Remote System Monitoring

Our remote system monitoring service alerts us to issues within your environment early to allow us to rectify any issues often before your users notice that there was an issue.

Contract Resources

Conxion has numerous IT experts available at competitive rates for long term contract roles.

Typically our people are available for 6 month to 3 year engagements to support your projects.

Drone Photography

Our CASA Licenced Drone pilots are available to design an aerial photography solution for your needs. Give us a call to discuss options for your aerial needs.

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